Food Supplements Labeling - Overview

With modern society becoming increasingly focused on healthy eating, food supplement labeling helps the consumer to make an informed decision. In its simplest form, a food label or dietary supplement label communicates the existing product information to the customer, thus assisting him in understanding the key ingredient, nutritional and safety information he needs to know about the product. Be it initial product specification, pack copy, or the final artwork approval, food labeling or the development of food supplements labeling is a complex and challenging process.

Freyr understands the challenges of creating an attractive yet compliant food product label. Assisting organizations with end-to-end labeling services, which includes food and food supplements labeling guidance, Freyr suggests and checks the claims of your product to ensure compliance with the food labeling regulations. For example, Freyr conducts food labeling compliance checks according to the US FDA labeling requirements.

Freyr has experience in handling the creation of Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS)/Core Safety Information (CSI) and preparation and tracking of Dear Doctor or Dear Health Care Professional (HCP) letters.

Freyr offers food or dietary supplement labeling services for:

Nutrient Content Claims

Nutritional claims are those that state, suggest, or imply that a food product has certain beneficial nutritional properties. This provides the consumer with all the relevant details to make an informed choice and gives them the ability to choose foods that are well suited to a healthy and balanced diet.

Typically, the nutritional label includes information on energy, calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, and salt. It is vitally important that all this information is accurate and correct, as all nutritional details must comply with the regulations.

The main change to the nutritional declaration under the mentioned regulation is in the order of the nutrients, and salt should be declared rather than sodium. In addition, the regulations have certain rules governing the provision of voluntary nutrition information, particularly for the front-of-pack labeling, the nutritional labeling of non-pre-packaged foods, and the energy labeling of alcoholic drinks. Some nutrients are now prohibited from being declared. A nutrient content claim, by implication, characterizes the level of a nutrient in a dietary supplement.

Health Claims

A health claim is complex. It usually states/suggests/implies that a relationship exists between a food category, a food, or one of its components and health.

  • Health function claims.
  • Disease-risk factor reduction claims.
  • Special population health claims.

Food Supplements Labeling - Freyr Expertise

  • Development and review of nutritional and health claims.
  • Development and review of nutritional declarations.
  • Creation and review of product labels for Food & Dietary supplements.
  • Creating, updating, and reviewing core food supplement labeling as part of food labeling services (Core Summary of Food Product Characteristics).
  • Creation of Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS)/Core Safety Information (CSI).
  • Preparation and tracking of Dear Doctor or Dear Health Care Professional (HCP) letters.

Food Supplements Labeling - Freyr Advantages

  • Resources with in-depth Regulatory knowledge of food labeling regulations.
  • Expertise in successfully handling global and regional food labeling for Fortune food clients across the globe; USA, EUROPE, APAC, MENA, etc.
  • Extensive global experience covering diverse Regulatory domains across dietary supplements.
  • Highly qualified medical writers possessing extensive Regulatory labeling experience.
  • Dedicated compliance team tracking the status of core and company core data sheet (CDS / CCDS) implementation in regional labels.
  • In-depth and updated understanding of the global food labeling changes, as required by multiple Health Authorities such as the USFDA, EMA, TGA, etc.
  • Highly experienced pharmaceutical, biotech, and nutrition labeling professionals with sound knowledge of food labeling processes.