Many brands often use the old method of communication and proofing for artwork management. With lesser transparency, emails, messages, calls, and ad-hoc requests can be challenging to keep track of and overwhelming at times for various stakeholders.

The label lifecycle within the pharma industry typically starts with the Regulatory submission label. Once the Regulatory approval is obtained, the commercial label is developed and released.

Label and artwork development could also be a complex process involving multiple stakeholders. Different organizational stakeholders review the corresponding print proofs of artwork before its release. Packaging labels and artwork contain volumes of selling and legal content targeted toward different audiences across different channels.

As a one-stop shop for artwork lifecycle management, Freyr caters to designs for various product categories, including digital and print, from packaging design to promotional designs related to the regulated industry.

While the drug is within the market, it goes through numerous changes driven by Regulatory or brand needs. To optimize your label and artwork management process, choose Freyr Artwork 360; simplify the entire process and securely plan, manage, and proof packaging artwork for brands, from design and ideation to approval. The tool also facilitates collaboration between teams and contributors.



Freyr Artwork 360 Expertise

  • Artwork Lifecycle Management
  • Traceability of Artworks and Approval Process
  • Integration with Proofreading/Third-party Tools
  • Easy User Interface
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Freyr Artwork 360 Features

  • Customizable Workflows & Forms
  • Digital Asset Library
  • Version Tracking
  • Collaboration Between Stakeholders
  • Artwork Review
  • Customizable Reports


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