The cosmetic space has about 33,000+ cosmetic ingredients and majority of them are chemicals or botanicals. With growing scientific knowledge and sensitivity towards product safety, the industry is witnessing more mature and stringent guidelines by the regulatory authorities for cosmetic ingredients e.g., preservatives, colorants, and UV filters to ensure consumer safety. 

With evolving regulations, the industry often faces numerous challenges such as lack of regulatory compliance information and safety data, varied threshold limits, and restrictions in acceptability of the ingredient by health agencies. This may result in issues like non-compliance, re-labeling, missed product launches, product recalls, and many more. Freyr brings in a unique technology driven regulatory platform iREADY to solve all your regulatory queries around ingredients in a single click.

Freyr iREADY is an ingredient database platform that enables manufacturers and brand owners to understand the regulatory requirements for ingredients across global markets. It supports proactive regulatory compliance observance and management of product formulae in different markets. iREADY can be used for new product development as well as life cycle management of existing products to ensure continued compliance.


Key Features of Freyr iREADY

Ingredient Regulation

Within iREADY, we maintain regulations/legislations (such as approved, restricted or prohibited status) and industry standards for more than 33,000 cosmetic ingredients by Name, Function, INCI, Country, and CAS Number across 65+ markets. This not only covers active ingredients but also covers information on allergens, impurities and residual solvents. On top of that the platform also captures key safety information like CMR toxicity, Prop 65, SVHC, etc.

Formulae Compliance

iREADY offers the users the ability to create, maintain, assess product formulas, and formulations for regulatory compliance. The user can select multiple ingredients to create formulae, add concentrations and functions, view the acceptability of the ingredient use levels and combinations across global markets. iREADY Includes INCI names and all identified functions of each ingredient, hence allowing the user to select functions with ease while drafting product formulae.

Recent Updates

Regulatory developments and scientific opinions from bodies like ECHA, FDA, SCCS, CIR, IFRA are regularly monitored by Freyr’s regulatory intelligence team and the iREADY platform is updated every fortnight, and the same is conveyed to users with proactive alerts (Flags) enabling them to make informed decisions.

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