Companies today require a business partner who has global expertise with dedicated resources readily available across the globe to gain new market access, to meet evolving HA compliance needs and to reduce operational cost savings for new innovations.

This business partner can either act in a do-as-directed mode, or like us, can act on our years of experience providing delivery excellence to our partners and constantly innovating to newer ways of doing business (Freyr.NEXT) and setting industry benchmarks.

We implement smarter technologies as required, and our practices can save you at least 40% of your annual Regulatory affairs spend.

Our continued mission, to ensure that our clients’ products reach the people in the farthest corners of the world, who need them, has led us to develop an unparalleled niche, but scalable on-demand model of business.

We could only reach here by leveraging our unmatched expertise in the form of a dedicated workforce providing 24/7 coverage to all our clients across the world.

We were there when the peaks in business were not covered well with the clients’ internal resources.
We were there when new mandates and guidelines needed new expertise.
We were there when the cost of mundane activities was too high and needed to be reduced.
We were there when internal resources needed to focus on strategy and the execution was left to us. Of course, we weren’t there when the workload was low and the client could handle it themselves, but even still, we were just a call away to handle any sudden peaks.

We now can showcase 700+ logos (and counting) on our jackets because we are in the business of trust.

Trust that when there is a need, Freyr’s ready to take on the load;
Trust that when there’s no expertise, Freyr is updated even before a need arises;
Trust that Freyr is continuously evolving and innovating to ensure that the journey from product development to global market penetration, and even beyond, is a smooth one.

Our partners believe in brand Freyr, because they know that certain names mean expertise, and we stand trustworthy in building the strategies that align with their core business interests.

We are proud to say that many trade names, large and small alike, backed by their R&D and our consulting and operational fine-tuning have been established through our efforts.

Operational excellence and the cost-savings, which are being provided to them, are at the heart of these establishments.

And we are proud to say that if it weren’t for us, they would be spending a lot of money  locking horns with the toughest Health Authorities to please around the world.

If you wish to have us by your side, give us a call. We look forward to giving you the smooth-sailing, cost-effective world of Regulatory Partnerships all of our partners enjoy.


You can live without regulatory outsourcing, but not nearly as peacefully.

Freyr, with exclusive delivery hubs across the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Mexico, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Slovenia and India (Global Delivery Center); and with worldwide affiliate network across 120+ countries, offers life sciences organizations a global delivery model customized to their unique Regulatory requirements.

Freyr’s Global Delivery Model approach: