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Internet Digital Signage System

Internet Digital Signage System Internet Digital Signage System
Product name : Internet Digital Signage System
Item : DSS
Details :
General description of Internet digital signage system
Internet digital signage is a perfect solution for chain stores, banks, hospital, bus, taxi, finance and so on.
You can stay in your office, even you can use your iPad or iPhone to manage terminals. It is one successful industry solution for business ads to increase your sales and give good image promotion. The solution allows you to have multi-control functions, meaning that you can send tasks to one group of terminals or only one terminal, and also can change the ads in different area of the split screen in different locations. 

Spot features:
High quality hardware with Embedded Linux system, no virus ,auto crash reboot , 24*7 working, long life time
Support Lan, wifi connection
Support Wide range of resolution up to HD 1920*1080
Real Remote control through internet, also good for local net
Professional Video processor
Great solution for chain stores
Full of modules for you to monitor all of terminal’s status, content updating, task management, template production, customer management, Statistics, User Management
Split-screen, supporting one video area, five graphic area, five marquee (scrolling txt),one logo region, one group areas for week, date, time, one weather forecast area. Split-screen function to free
Easily to design and make wonderful templates
RSS news gives you the real-time information from FEED links, like google, yahoo or other news RSS sources.
No special tech for administrator or operator, anyone can use it.
Supporting extension plugin , if you need special functions like finance rate, our engineers can make program plugin
Easy to update the software remotely.

 For further understanding of how our digital signage system works, watch the digital signage operation guide here:

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