In today’s dynamic Regulatory landscape, the biggest challenge for the Life Sciences industry is finding a skilled and qualified workforce on time. At the time of process improvements, integration of new technologies, or implementation of a new process/tool to comply with the evolving regulations, the scenario becomes even more crucial as it demands timely addressal of resource gaps.

With over 10+ years of aggregated experience in life sciences, Freyr brings in the pragmatic inputs while evaluating and assessing the Regulatory staffing requirements for Pharmaceutical (Generics, New Drugs), Biologics (Innovators and Biosimilars), Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Food and Food Supplements, Chemicals, etc. Freyr has a track record of supporting Global pharma companies meet their demanding staffing requirements on time. Learn more about Freyr’s proven expertise here.

Freyr is specialized in catering Regulatory workforce for the following functionalities and industry segments:

Functionality-wise Designations

Regulatory Affairs


  • Regulatory CMC Author
  • Regulatory CMC Expert
  • Regulatory CMC Manager
  • Regulatory Strategist
  • Regulatory Senior Strategist
  • CMC Specialist
  • CMC Information Management

Market Authorization Applications

  • Regulatory Project Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs specialist – NDA, IND, CTA, IMPD, ANDA, BLA, PMA/510K, Global MAH
  • Regulatory Lifecycle and Global Dossier Coordinator / Dossier Compilation Project Coordinator
  • Dossier Preparation Specialist


Regulatory Medical Writing, PDE

Medical Writing Staffing Roles

  • Medical Writer
  • Content Specialist
  • Regulatory Medical Writer
  • Senior Medical Writer
  • Quality Reviewer
  • Medical Reviewer
  • Clinical Expert
  • Clinical Lead
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring Specialist
  • QC Expert
  • QC Specialist
  • Nonclinical Expert
  • Nonclinical Writer
  • Toxicologist


  • Nonclinical Expert/Senior Nonclinical Writer
  • Toxicologist
  • Safety Assessor  


Regulatory Information Management

  • XEVMPD Specialist
  • IDMP Solution Specialist









Regulatory Labeling

  • Global/ Regional Labeling Coordinator
  • Global Labeling Lead
  • Regulatory Strategist
  • Labeling Manager
  • Labeling Expert/Specialist
  • Senior Labeling Specialist
  • Labeling Program Manager
  • Labeling Project Manager
  • Regulatory Labeling Associate
  • Core Data Sheet (CDS) Manager
  • CDS Development Lead
  • Label Content Experts / Medical Writers and Authors - Core Data Sheet (CDS), Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), Package Insert (PI), Patient Information Leaflet (PIL), Regional Labels
  • CDS / Regional Label Content and Process Coordinator
  • Global Labeling Project / Program Manager
  • Label Content – Quality Control (QC) Specialist


Compliance, Audit & Validation

Compliance and Validation

  • Head 
  • Lead
  • Business Process Specialist 
  • Senior Associate
  • Associate
  • GCP/GMP/GxP Auditor
  • QMS Remediation Expert
  • GxP Solution Consultant

Compliance and Audit

  • Assistant manager
  • Business Process Specialist
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Senior Associate


  • Business Process Specialist
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Senior Associate
  • Associate


Publishing and Submissions

  • Publishing and Submission Specialist
  • Senior Publisher
  • ISI Toolbox Specialist










  • Safety Associate
  • Safety Expert
  • Pharmacovigilance Expert
  • Pharmacovigilance Scientist
  • Safety Lead
  • Literature Monitor
  • Aggregate Report Writer
  • Aggregate Report Specialist
  • Quality Reviewer
  • Medical Reviewer
  • Signal Evaluation Specialist
  • Signal Evaluation Expert
  • Safety Data Specialist
  • Safety Data Lead


Segment-wise Designations

Consumer, Cosmetics & Food Supplements

  • Regulatory Specialist
    • Senior Regulatory specialist
    • Junior Regulatory specialist
    • Coordinators
  • Subject Matter Expert/Solutioning Lead
  • Global Project Manager /Program Manager
  • Label Content and QC Specialist
  • Label Content Expert
  • Regulatory Document Translator
  • Local Support Expert
  • Legal Representative/License Holding
  • Local Language Expert
  • Responsible Person
  • Content Management Expert
  • Administrative Support Associate
  • Client Call Expert
  • Claims Consulting Expert
  • Regulatory Strategist 


Medical Devices

  • Device Labeling Specialist
  • Labeling Manager
  • Label Content – QC Specialist
  • Regulatory Affairs Associate
  • Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate
  • Assistance Manager Regulatory Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Project Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Strategist
  • EU - Medical Device Regulation (MDR) Specialist
  • Regulatory Affairs Lead - Post Market Surveillance
  • Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) Specialist
  • Performance Evaluation Report (PER)/Scientific Validation Report Specialist
  • Literature Search Associates/Managers
  • 510(k) Specialist/US Submission Specialist
  • PMA Specialist
  • Device History File Specialist
  • Device Labeling Reviewer
  • CE Marking Specialist/EU Submission Specialist



We hope the designations mentioned above suit your strategic objectives.
Kindly give us a few more details for any specific requirement. We assure to find a tailored fit.

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