Freyr rDMS is an end-to-end electronic Regulatory Document Management System (rDMS/eDMS) exclusively designed to enable Regulatory groups and departments within a life sciences organization to seamlessly create, capture, manage, organize, connect, deliver and archive Regulatory data and documents in a compliant, efficient and intuitive manner.

While traditional document management software solutions are typically retrofit for Regulatory needs, Freyr rDMS – an electronic Regulatory Document Management Software (eDMS / rDMS) is built ground-up, keeping specific nuances and expectations of Regulatory strategies and operational functions in mind. Our solution combines end-to-end set of features spanning the whole document lifecycle from inception and authoring up to submission and archiving of Regulatory documents.

With the capability to efficiently handle enterprise-wide content and with the ease of integration with legacy systems, Freyr rDMS provides a robust platform to address the critical need for knowledge sharing across the enterprise.


Freyr rDMS Expertise

  • End-to-end set of features spanning the whole document lifecycle from inception and authoring up to submission and archiving of Regulatory documents
  • Seamless organization of document monitoring process to ensure compliance with worldwide Regulatory authorities
  • Robust and secure tools to manage an extensive range of Regulatory documents associated with business extents controlled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other international Regulatory systems
  • Advance admin functions to manage users and monitor ground-level activity
  • Easy management of document mode, status, and version

Freyr rDMS Features

  • Cloud-hosted eDMS
  • Focuses primarily on storage and archiving and document lifecycle management
  • Includes powerful work flow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents
  • Targets at storing and presenting documents in their native format (not limited to MS-Office products but including many different information formats)
  • Advanced security restricting the access at document/folder level
  • Provides document statistics based on – checked-in, checked-out, review, publish, and approve modes
  • Advanced folder creation, management, view, and search functionality
  • Comprehensive dashboard providing folder and document overview
  • One-stop doc center to view and manage user access
  • Doc groups to easily manage various documents
  • Advanced search functionality based on doc groups and document meta tags
  • Bulk action capability on clinical trial documents

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