Regulatory Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance - Overview

The Life Sciences industry is governed by regulations, which are continuously evolving to help the industry players deliver the best. However, keeping up with the changes in the Regulatory intelligence in Pharmacovigilance landscape can be challenging. To help pharmaceutical organizations in the same, Freyr provides Pharmacovigilance consulting services.

Comprehensive Approach to Regulatory Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance

Freyr’s approach to Pharmacovigilance consulting services is as follows:

  • Primary research that covers data across country updates, Regulatory updates, congress coverage, trade association coverage, authority & ministry coverage, key opinion leaders, and influencers.
  • Secondary research containing data about country/product, Regulatory landscape, clinical updates, PV intelligence, news, and newsletters.

Freyr offers comprehensive Pharmacovigilance consulting services that can help every life sciences organization create internal Regulatory intelligence Pharmacovigilance processes, thereby complying with the HA policies and laws.

Freyr provides Pharmacovigilance consulting services and offers a cloud-based  Regulatory intelligence software for a complete spectrum of information that spans various industries, products, and regulation categories.


Regulatory Intelligence in Pharmacovigilance - Freyr Expertise

  • Cloud-based Pharmacovigilance Regulatory intelligence software that provides comprehensive, global intelligence.
  • Pharmacovigilance consulting services on regulations for individual countries.
  • Region-wise product-specific (drugs, device, or biologics) guidance and Pharmacovigilance consultancy.
  • Country-specific regional ICSR and aggregate reporting timelines and requirements.
  • Local representation (QPPV, NPPV, etc.) and post-marketing authorization information.