As the ever-evolving Regulatory landscape demands all the stakeholders to be aware of the current industry trends and market information, it becomes intrinsically challenging for life sciences companies to keep pace with time-critical Regulatory requirements.

In such scenarios, to enable organizations to keep up with the latest Policies & guidelines, Freyr IMPACT, an innovative Regulatory intelligence platform, offers a complete spectrum of life sciences Regulatory intelligence across various industries, products, and Regulatory categories. Freyr IMPACT provides a platform for gathering and curating massive amounts of Regulatory intelligence data with digital innovation, machine learning, and automation – making it a one-stop solution for Regulatory intelligence.

The cloud-hosted Regulatory intelligence software, Freyr IMPACT, is a centralized repository for Regulatory insights. Global regulations are tracked and maintained in real-time to support industries with real-time and end-to-end Regulatory information on the new guidance, amendments, Regulatory updates, recalls, or warnings.


Freyr IMPACT Expertise

  • On-demand, simple, and cost-effective licensing model
  • Global coverage of Regulatory intelligence customized to meet unique customer needs
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) curated information that is insightful & in-depth yet easy to consume
  • Easy-to-use solution built on a robust architecture
  • Powered with cutting-edge AI/ML and analytics made accessible to general users
  • Constantly evolving product features that aim at making the solution future proof
  • Rich visualization that enables better decision making
  • Alerts, notifications, and tracking for a holistic user experience

Freyr IMPACT Features

  • Centralized insights platform with actionable and informative data points
  • A customizable dashboard that displays a complete visual snapshot of the knowledge repository categorized and assorted
  • Ability to store and archive information and supporting documents
  • Unique inbox-enabled forum to track and contribute to discussions and issues
  • Exclusive customizable reports
  • Shareable reports across departments and geographies
  • Health Authority (HA) communication alerts and ad-hoc HA queries

Freyr Service

Keeping abreast of the ever-changing Regulatory environment, Freyr enables Lifesciences organizations take informed decisions to create superior market strategies. With a comprehensive understanding of the industry, and having global presence across 120+ countries, Freyr helps organizations right from decoding Regulatory pathways to providing regional Regulatory intelligence to successfully defining strategies for various health authority submissions and market approvals. In simple terms, Freyr enable organizations access the global markets with impeccable Regulatory strategies. 

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